Nude polishes are always on trend,
and there are so many good reasons why they are!

Nude colours are timeless, it can take you to any occasion; it shows-off a clean look
and also elongates your fingers. Nude polishes are a classic must-have in the nail world,
just like a little black dress in fashion.
The tricky part though, is picking the right shade of "nude" that
matches your skin tone.
The wrong shades may give you dull-looking skin!

Here at Dandelion, we have carefully curated 17 special nude shades consisting
of 13 shades of nude gel polish & 4 shades of nude regular polish.

Have a read on the quick how-to on choosing the right shade of nude for you!

If you have fair skin tone, we suggest to go with nude shades that have light pink to beige undertones.
If you have medium skin tone, we suggest going with nude shades that have warm pink undertones.
If you have dark skin tone, we suggest avoiding any "pink" tones.
We suggest to go for natural toffee brown shades to accentuate and elongate your fingers.

Stop by at our salon & find the right shades for you. We will be more than happy to assist you!
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