for your volume lash!

(Made In Japan)

Do you know that:
• Volume lash is more difficult to clean (even with make up remover) because it is so dense and each strand is so close to each other.
• If not properly cleansed, it may keep residue of oil, make up (eye shadow & eyeliner), and be the nest of bacteria.
• Dirty lashes & eyes are prone for 'lash mites' to inhabit.
• Lash mites eat your healthy lash hair cells & weakens your lashes, making them shed prematurely.
• Lash Deep Cleansing is designed especially for your volume lash to keep it healthy, moisturized & clean.
• We do this treatment right before we refill your lash but can also be done for normal lash extensions.
• Non-sting & very fast, with foamy texture.
• Treatment at salon only (we have a different type of cleanser for homecare).

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