Women with lash extensions often become too careful when washing their face & eyes, not wanting to damage their beautiful lash extensions.

Volume lash extensions are more difficult to clean since the strands are very thin & dense.

Lash area becomes dirty and a nest for bacteria & microorganism.

At severe cases, lashes can be infected with lash mites which love to eat dirt on the dirty eyelashes & also eat on the healthy lash hair, causing premature baldness, itchiness & infection from eye diseases.

CLEAN LASH is the 1st antibacterial eyelash in the industry; it is manufactured by Matsukaze, the No. 1 selling of professional eyelash extensions tools company all across Japan.

CLEAN LASH is a breakthrough solution to keep your lash extensions more hygienic, suppressing the amount of bacteria & microorganism over time on the lash extensions.

Antibacterial lashes, Light & Soft, Natural fit (Faux Sable), Thin towards the tip, Volume Up effect

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