HyperRealistic Eyes
The thinnest lash extensions in the market that gives the most natural look and we have them for a limited time only! Click through and see what we’re talking about!

Skin Collection
Nude colours are timeless as it can take you to any occasion; it's a must-have in the nail world, just like a little black dress in the fashion world. Click to see our carefully curated nude shades from our very own SKIN Collection and match which one suits your skin tone!


The Nailberry L'Oxygéné Range is one of the first toxin free and breathable nail polish in the market! It’s HALAL Certified, as well as, Vegan and Cruelty Free Certified. This range caters pregnant women, vegans, and is wudhu-friendly for Moslems.


Introducing the new lash lift treatment, Gentle Lift Tint (GLT) and Gentle Lift Lash (GLL). These treatments cater to you who has downward lashes, and feels that extensions only create casts on your eyes. With the use of a specially formulated solution from Paris, this treatment will lift and adjust the curls of your natural lashes. Take a look which one fits your need!

Upward Lash

A revolutionary technique of lash extensions from Japan to lift and curl lashes from the roots! All done without the use of any dangerous chemicals that can potentially damage your natural lashes. Click through to learn more!

Clean Lash

Introducing the first antibacterial lashes in the industry by Matsukaze, all the way from Japan. All thanks to the natural properties of bamboo charcoal that keeps those lashes clean. These ground-breaking lashes are light, soft, thin towards the tip, volumizing, and most importantly, clean!

Lash Deep Cleansing

A perfect treatment to properly cleanse your extensions— both for volume and single lash extensions! Lash Deep Cleansing is specifically designed for your extensions to maintain its health, moisture, and cleanliness.

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